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Features & Benefits

Musicians can enjoy four major features of the new JamKazam service, as described below. Also, several Tutorial Videos are available to see how various features work in more detail.

FEATURE: Real-Time Online Sessions

Musicians can create either public or private sessions, or can find and join other musicians’ public sessions, and can play music together in real time in these sessions from different locations over the Internet as if they are sitting in the same room.


FEATURE: Session Recording

Musicians can record performances during their real-time, remote sessions. Recordings capture both the composite mix of all performers, as well as each of the individual instrumental and vocal performances at the track level. Musicians can easily share the recording mixes with friends, family and fans via Facebook, Twitter, and email, and they can also open and play back the track-level. In addition, the JamKazam service automatically creates a “mastered” version of recordings using the high-quality tracks captured by the musicians’ audio interfaces prior to encoding and streaming, so mastered recordings are comparable in quality to what can be produced in home studios.


FEATURE: Session Broadcasts

In addition to recording sessions, musicians can live broadcast their sessions so that family, friends and fans can tune in and listen to these live performances from any location using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Like recordings, live sessions can easily be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or email.


FEATURE: Social Networking

Finally, musicians can use JamKazam to find other musicians in their area, check out their skills, styles, and listen to their performances, and connect to play together online and/or offline.


Everyone who plays music knows that it’s far more fun to play with others than to play alone. But many musicians – especially amateur musicians – are not in bands and don’t have established networks of musician friends to play with, simply because of the time and logistical challenges of playing with others, as described earlier. With JamKazam, musicians can easily find other musicians in their area who want to play together online, and who have complementary instruments, skill levels, and musical interests. And they can easily try playing with others without the risk or investment of time to meet in person.